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About us


Bridging the Gulf - Foundation for Human Security in the Gulf region aims to contribute to regional co-operation, to support initiatives taken in the Gulf region in areas of human development, human security, human rights, women's rights, youth, the construction and further development of local civil societies. At the same time, in the areas mentioned, the foundation aims to form a bridge between the Gulf region on the one hand and Europe on the other hand in the frame of shared learning experiences.


The foundation seeks to realise these intentions through both government and civil society channels. It promotes understanding about the Gulf region in Europe, and organises dialogue, the dissemination and exchange of knowledge about the Gulf region, via platforms of a various nature: academic, political, civil, media, culture and the arts (whenever possible).


The majority of Bridging the Gulf Foundation's activities are held in the region, with the involvement of local stakeholders and final beneficiaries, in order to ensure that social change is genuine, legitimate and home grown. Ensuring that essential dialogue on complex issues, full, constructive collaboration of local civil societies and official structures are based on transparency, accountability and democratic process.