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Amal van Hees

Amal van Hees, Director,

Mrs. Amal Hamidallah ( Al Ahmadi)  is Director of Bridging the Gulf Foundation for Human security in the Gulf region ( six Arab Gulf countries). Mrs. Hamidallah is a lawyer, graduated at Pantheon Assas University ( Paris, France).

Former Coordinator for the Middle East & North Africa region at Amnesty International (the Netherlands). Member of the steering committee of the Center for the Advancement of Women and Diversity in Business at the Webster University where she is lecturing in the International NGO program.

As expert for the Middle East and North Africa, she has a long experience working in the field of democracy, agency and participation, peace and security, human development, economic justice gender and human rights mainstreaming in the so-called MENA region . She has participated in different international panels and debates, written different articles and conducted research in the field of NGO's work, civil society strengthening and capacity building tackling civil society empowerment and development in the Arab world with particular focus on the Arab Gulf countries.


Harry Hummel

Harry Hummel, Senior Advisor,

Mr. Hummel is the Executive Director of the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC), an NGO working primarily on strengthening human rights and the rule of law through exchange of expertise and capacity-building, both in the semi-governmental sector and in civil society organizations. He was a member of the board of Amnesty International from 1979 till 1983 and then continued with Amnesty as a staff member, working in a wide range of positions, including Head of Campaigns, Senior Strategy Director and acting Executive Director. In 2008, Mr. Hummel served as the Executive Secretary of the First Human Rights Tulip, the Dutch government's human rights award.

Adel Al Qallaf

Adel Al Qallaf, Regional web community coordinator,

Adel Al Qallaf is a Kuwaiti civil society activist. Besides his dedication for human rights he working as telecommunications engineer. Adel is an active member of the Kuwaiti based Al Salam centre for strategic studies the national human rights association. His main focus are mechanisms of international protection of human rights, the Universal Periodic Review for the GCC countries, and the regional dimension. He trains other activists on human rights issues which are relevant to the region. He is specialized in youth mobilization and empowerment supporting our regional web community.