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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Bridging the Gulf Foundation for human security in the Gulf region website. This website provides us with the opportunity to increase our connectivity with you and all the community of people working on democracy, human rights and reform in the Gulf region. At our website you will learn more about the Foundation's mission, activities, programs and especially our activities in support of democracy and reform.


We are committed to engage directly with you and with any supporter of constructive social and human rights change. Building bridges of understanding and mutual support in our mission and activities, promoting and strengthening Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in their efforts to foster democracy and human rights in the region. Our aim is to contribute to regional co-operation, to support initiatives taken in the Gulf region in areas of human development, human security, human rights, women's rights, youth, the construction and further development of local civil societies.

Since our official launch in February 2010 we anticipate adding more interactive features to our website as a part of our commitment to supporting pro-democracy initiatives and developing the capacity of Civil Society Organizations in the region. Ensuring that essential dialogue on complex issues, full, constructive collaboration of local civil societies and official structures are based on transparency, accountability and democratic process.


By doing so, the Foundation hopes to provide a persuasive and supportive voice in the regional discussion about social and human rights transformation, through self-generated networking or educational programs, capacity building, bonding and bridging. Positive social change, reform and sustainable change is not something that has to be forced or imported from outside. It is a home grown process involving all the layers, components and structures within the society and this is particularly true for the Gulf region.


We look forward to hearing your views on our mission vision and on the broader issues they evoke. Please do not hesitate to contact us using the following link.