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1-03-2012 - Arab Times/ Labeed Abdal

A long wait … until death


We, as Kuwaitis, must look into pressing issues concerning the expatriate community. As a small country with steady population growth, we have to consider the possibility of amending the Kuwait Nationality Law. We cannot deny the fact that in the 1960s, our laws were simple and aimed at protecting the citizens to ensure they were not overshadowed by the new and more experienced expatriates, who arrived after the country obtained its independence.

Recently, we celebrated the 51st anniversary of gaining independence - a year after we commemorated the golden jubilee of our independence with our international friends and allies. We have to consider the situation to distinguish between the expatriate workers with very low pay and the top professionals and those with vast experience. We need to study the possibility of granting citizenship to the latter because they love Kuwait; they want to stay here longer and they can give to the nation as much as that of the natural-born Kuwaitis or sometimes more.

I have personally witnessed how some expatriates, who have been residing in the country for decades - over 30 to 50 years, had envisaged living and dying for Kuwait. Sadly, some of them died here without fulfilling their dreams. Considering the above scenarios, we must put everything in the right perspective. We have to recognize those talented and loyal expatriates because they are assets to the nation. We should welcome them as new Kuwaitis, who can add value to Kuwait, especially those with great, brave and productive stands


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