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16-04-2012 - ProtectionLine (مصدر)

Abdul-Hadi El-Khawaga, human rights defender: at risk of death because of hunger strike

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists denounces the deteriorating conditions in Bahraini prisons that led to the sharp declination of the health condition of the human rights activist Abdul Hadi Al -Khawaga, what exposes him to risk of death.

Al-Khawaga -who is accused of the overthrowing of the ruling- is in a hunger strike since 9/2/2012 in an objection to the support of the verdict of life imprisonment issued by the military court against him.

It's worth mentioning that Al-Khawaga, the president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, has been arrested in April 2011 on the backdrop of protests took place in Bahrain last year, known in media as Pearl Square events, where Bahraini people came out claiming freedom, democracy and reform, and was suppressed by the security forces.

Al-Khawaga is in hunger strike for nine weeks now, and is repeating "freedom or martyrdom" and his health condition is in sharp decline what led him to be transmitted to a military hospital. Beside, Al-Khawaga's lawyer and family were prevented from entering and checking on his condition. The administration of the military hospital has justified that they should bring the authorization of the military prosecutor before seeing him.

The Arab Program shoulders the Bahraini government the responsibility for the deteriorating health conditions of the human rights activist Abdul Hadi Al-Khawaga. The Program regards these developments violation for all treaties ratified by Bahrain State, which guarantee rights and freedoms and particularly Articles 10 and 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The Program calls for the amnesty for the activist Abdul Hadi Al-Khawaga, without any limitation or condition.


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