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16-04-2012 - Gulfnews by Habib Toumi

Bahrain court adjourns terror cell trial

A court in Manama has adjourned to May 27 the trial of an alleged terrorist cell plotting attacks against Bahrain and which was uncovered by neighbouring Qatar.

According to the case papers, the alleged cell had plotted to target the Saudi embassy in Manama, the building of the interior ministry and the 25-km-long King Fahad Causeway linking Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain's interior ministry in November said that it received information from Qatari security officials about the arrest of four Bahrainis who had entered Qatar through Saudi Arabia.

The Qataris said they discovered documents and a laptop containing sensitive security information and details about some vital establishments in Bahrain, as well as airline bookings to Syria with the suspects. They also carried unspecified sums of foreign currency, including US dollars and Iranian rials, they said.

The Qatari security authorities questioned the suspects and enquiries revealed that the suspects had illegally left Bahrain after being incited by others to head to Iran, passing through Qatar and Syria, to establish a group to carry out terrorist operations in Bahrain against vital establishments and individuals, the ministry said.

Bahrain's authorities received the four suspects on November 4.

The four suspects provided details about other people involved in the cell.

Three of the eight members are being tried in absentia.


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