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26-07-2012 -

Death Threats for Arab Marraige Counselor Publishing Sex Book Read more:

Wedad Lootah received death threats after the publication of her second book on sex in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). But she still plans to publish another book, also about sex. Lootah believes that Arab women need more information about sex and sexual health, and she has a duty to provide it for them.


Lootah is a conservative Arab woman who wears a niqab that covers all of her body and face except for eye slits. She is also a marriage counselor who has advised many Arab couples struggling with sex, and grounds her knowledge and beliefs in the teachings of the Quran. Because so little information about sexual education is available, many Arab women and men have sexual difficulties or engage in uncomfortable sexual acts. Lootah is trying to change that.

When her second book came out, Lootah said, "People said I was crazy, that I was straying from Islam, that I should be killed. Even my family ask why I must talk about this. I say: ‘These problems happen every day and should not be ignored. This is the reality were are living'" (


Lootah's previous books have covered topics such as female orgasm, sexual abuse, infidelity, and homosexuality (which she believes is against the teachings of the Quran), and have sold over 20,000 copies. Her new book is due out later this year.





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