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23-04-2012 - Kuwait Times by Muna Al-Fuzai

Democracy ladder

I think Kuwaiti democracy is under threat from those who only understand it partially. So called politicians run for elections without having any conviction in it. They only staunchly believe in acquiring power and position.

In fact, several statements made by some new MPs were criticized and condemned by the public owing to their detrimental effect on Kuwait. They made a call against churches that have been quietly conducting worship without threatening the country's way of life. I really wonder what their concept about democracy is like. It is about accepting others' choices and freedom of belief. Another MP wants all bedoons out of this country, treating them as aliens. By the way, there are many other countries that have illegal residents like Kuwait. They may not call them ‘bedoon,' but that is what they are!

Some bedoon fought wars for Kuwait and the government knows that very well. So they will never be forced to leave this country. So why can't the government take proper steps to legalize their stay out of humanitarian consideration. Another MP warned his colleagues against attempting to ‘perform favors' for a select few through their office staff. This is an unavoidable situation because for if any constituent falls needs help and cannot reach the concerned minister, he or she will have to seek help from his representative in the National Assembly .

Those are a examples of how politicians climb up the ladder of democracy but fail to act in favor of their constituents once they are at the top! They use the power vested in them by the people to propagate their own ideas.

I think that public awareness is limited in all Arab countries. This is because the Arabs are not introduced to the concept of free thought and ideas since young age in schools. Therefore, they are conditioned to accept what is common and familiar.

We are great consumers - from commercial items to political practices. That is the reason why most MPs remain in their position and get re-elected; not because of their magnificent performance. In my opinion, the recent elections held in Kuwait was not able to make a positive change because we are not capable of accepting it. We end up resorting to the extremes in both ways.

Women can collectively unite and exercise great influence. Their choice of candidate in the third district was hugely influenced by emotions. This is the reason why I think there should be political parties to reshape public thinking in politics , thereby changing our perception of how to vote for the right candidate.


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