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26-09-2011 - Kuwait Times

Kuwaitis go to court to demand disclosure of MPs' finances

Around 100 Kuwaiti citizens yesterday submitted formal legal complaints at a local court demanding that MPs be compelled to make full financial disclosures following the recent upheavals over accusations of multimillion dinar political bribes being made to some parliamentarians.


The complainants have asked that the court force all MPs, current and former, to disclose their personal financial details. Meanwhile, a joint statement from Duhairan Abu Al-Khail and the Al-Jamhour family, part of Al-Mutran tribe, condemned the publication of a list purporting to show individuals who had received 'kickbacks' from MP Askar Al-Enezi, which contained Al-Khail's and some family members' names.


The statement denied that any such payments had been made, condemning the "lying mouths" who had made the claims and asserting "We do not have any connection to the claims of receiving money from other parties.


The statement continued, "Whoever sees the lists [of names] will find major discrepancies between them as one was headlined 'Transactions of MP Askar Al-Enezi,' while the list that included our names was headlined 'Cont. of various transactions,'" which the statement said confirmed the dishonesty of those who claimed that Al-Khail or any Al-Jamhour family members had received payments from Al-Enezi.


The statement also called on Al-Enezi to "officially refute these allegations and exonerate those who have been unjustly treated.

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