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2-05-2012 - Gulfnews By Habib Toumi

Lawmakers push for Kuwaiti citizenship for widows

Four Kuwaiti lawmakers are pushing for widows of Kuwaiti nationals to be granted Kuwaiti citizenship.

MPs Mohamamd Al Khalifa, Musallam Al Barrak, Khalid Al Tahoos and Ali Al Deqbasi, all members of the Popular Bloc, said that the 1959 Citizenship Law should be amended to include every widow who had at least one child with her Kuwaiti husband, was married with him for at least 15 years and did not re-marry.

The MPs said that the move would reinforce bonds between Kuwaiti families and consolidate the care provided by the state.

The proposal would also enhance opportunities for Kuwaiti nationals whose mothers were not Kuwaiti to apply for jobs that require that both parents hold a Kuwaiti nationality, the lawmakers said.

Kuwait, like other Gulf Cooperation Council states, does not allow mothers to transfer their nationality to their children.


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