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24-02-2012 - Gulfnews/By Habib Toumi

New parliamentary bloc in Kuwait seeks Sharia rule

Four Kuwaiti lawmakers have formed a new parliamentary bloc to boost the drive to bring the legislation in line with Islam.

The Justice Bloc will be chaired by MP Mohammad Hayef and will include MP Bader Al Dahoom, MP Mohammad Al Hatlani and MP Osama Al Munawar.

In a statement following the formation of the bloc, Mohammad Hayef said that its aims are the rule of the Islamic Sharia, the preservation of society's Islamic identity and values, the establishment of the principles of justice and equality in all aspects and ensuring development in the country.

Other objectives are consecrating justice through appropriate legislation, fighting corruption and activating laws that protect public funds, consolidating the features of the Kuwaiti and national unity and working with all parliamentary blocs and lawmakers for the higher interests of the nation. Kuwaitis on February 2 elected a new 50-member parliament. However, several analysts have expressed doubts whether it would be able to complete its four-year term amid concerns that its formation was not harmonious.


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