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11-10-2011 - Gulf Daily News

New political force for Bahrain's unity

A new force emerged on Bahrain's political stage yesterday with the launch of the country's first parliamentary bloc made up of both Sunni and Shi'ite MPs.


The Bahrain Bloc, consisting of five Sunni and four Shi'ite members, is now the second largest group in parliament and Bahrain's first cross-sect parliamentary alliance.


It announced its formation yesterday with a pledge to do what's right to help unite the country and bring an end to unrest still simmering in some parts of Bahrain.


Bloc president MP Ahmed Al Saati described its members as "fiercer than the opposition", but "more loyal than loyalists".


"We are fiercer than the opposition when it comes to getting people's demands and rights and more loyal than loyalists when peace and stability are threatened," he told a Press conference at the Gulf Hotel.


He said the diversity of the Bahrain Bloc, which also includes two female MPs, meant it was in touch with all sectors of society and revealed its slogan was: "The People and the Country Come First and Last."

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