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21-12-2011 - Oman Daily Observer

Panel to study laws, amendments in Oman

The Legal Committee at the Majlis Ash'shura yesterday held its 3rd regular meeting of the first annual sitting 2011-2012 for the 7th term of the Majlis under the auspices of Said bin Ghanim al Muqbali, Head of the Committee.


During the meeting, the committee viewed its statement which was raised to the Majlis's Office in respect to arranging the priority topics that the Legal Committee intends to list in its action plan during the 1st annual sitting for this term.


The committee adopted the study of four topics, namely proving the possession of lands and its amendments through studying the lands law in the Sultanate, press and publications law and its amendments, criminalisation of insult on dignity according to article 269 of the Omani Penal Law and blood money and injuries law and its amendments.


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