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24-02-2012 - Arab News

Prisoner accord between Saudi Arabia and Iraq in March

Saudi Arabia and Iraq have agreed, in principle, on March 12 as the date for the signing of an agreement to exchange prisoners, local Arabic daily Al-Watan reported Thursday, quoting Iraqi Ambassador to Riyadh Ghanim Al-Jimaili.

"This is the date proposed for the visit of Iraqi Justice Minister Hassan Al-Shammari to the Kingdom to hold talks with his Saudi counterpart. We are still waiting for the Saudi authorities to confirm the date," he said.

The ambassador said the Iraq delegation would comprise members of the human rights committee of Parliament, Foreign Ministry officials, and representatives of the Iraqi National Society for Human Rights.

"The two sides are expected to discuss the final details before signing the agreement, which does not include prisoners on the death row, whose situation will be discussed at a later stage," he said.

The two sides have already signed a pact to freeze the execution of prisoners sentenced to death sentences for two months.

There are 113 Saudi prisoners in Iraq including six on the death row against 138 Iraqi prisoners in Saudi Arabia including 11 who were sentenced to death.


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