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16-04-2012 - Kuwait Times by Badrya Darwish

Show us the goodwill

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit to the three strategic Arabian Gulf islands Abu Mousa, Tunab Al-Qubra and Tunab Sughra could not have happened at a worse time. By the way, this is unprecedented by leaders of Iran to visit those islands which Iran occupied 40 years ago from the Emirates. Leave alone unprecedented the meets the international envoy Kofi Annan on one of the islands.

As all of you I am sure know, the three islands were occupied by Iran since the early 70s after the British left the islands and the dispute is not settled yet.

In my opinion it was not a peaceful and right time for Tehran's leader to set a rendezvous with a peacemaker on a disputed island. What message does Ahmadinejad want to give to the Gulf states when he arranges high official meetings there? This falls right in the heart of the strategic Hormuz Strait where oil flows from the Gulf states and Iran to the whole world.

Tehran is under economic sanctions. It cannot sell its oil as it pleases. The area is threatened by defense missile shields by the Americans. That was not appropriate timing especially that Ahmadinejad has said on many occasions that he wants peace with the Gulf states. He keeps on reassuring the world that he has no problems with the Gulf states.

I hear Tehran speaking something and then doing something else. Mind you, I am not writing this because I am against Tehran. On the contrary. I am with Iran on its nuclear ambitions. If Iran is not allowed to have its nuclear ambitions then rest of the region should not be allowed to have nuclear plans too, such as Israel, Pakistan and India. I am even against the sanctions imposed on Iran.

But Iran has also responsibility and it has to show goodwill. It says it doesn't meddle in Bahrain but just open any Iranian media and hear what they have to say. Bahrain seems to be the major issue for them judging by the biased media reports. The same thing refers to Iraq. They say they don't interfere in Iraq but their media reports otherwise. So, either they lie or their media lies.

I hope Iran agrees to cooperate on the issue of Syria, which is a disaster area for the whole Middle East, and Iran could help a lot. If Iran means well as Ahmadinejad keeps on stating then I would like to say: Tehran, please, show us the goodwill!


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