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11-06-2012 - Gulf Daily News

Thousands mourn blast victim

Thousand of mourners attended the funeral of a Bahraini teenager who died in a Jordan hospital following a bomb blast in Hamad Town.

Ahmed Salim Bulaid Al Desry, 18, suffered second degree burns in the blast on April 17, which happened as he tried to move burring tyres from the road.

The explosion also critically injured Mr Al Desry's friend, Rakan Shaiham Ahmad Al Saud, 20, who later received treatment at Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC).

Mr Al Desry suffered burn injuries to his face, hand and back in the explosion, which happened near Hamad Town's Roundabout 18. He was initially treated at BDF Hospital but later moved to Jordan, where he died on Friday.

Mr Al Desry's family, friends and well-wishers attended the funeral march from the Hunainya Mosque in Riffa. Also present were MPs, councillors and National Unity Assembly head Dr Shaikh Abdullatif Al Mahmood.

Area MP Mohammed Al Ammadi said the mourners were angry and demanded authorities take strict action against criminals, who put people's lives in danger.

"We condemn such acts wherever they might be. We urge police to take strict action," he said.

One mourner praised Mr Al Desry's bravery for trying to clear the roads of burning tyres.

"This is a terrible time for the whole nation," he said.

"Mr Al Desry was only doing what anyone else would have done and was trying to clear the road when the blast took place."

Another demanded the culprits be identified and punished.

"We also need more police presence in the area to ensure such incidents are not repeated," he added.

It is understood Mr Al Desry was preparing for his GCSE examinations when he was injured in the explosion.

Al Asala bloc earlier condemned the terrorist act and called for strict implementation of the law.

It also urged authorities to track down instigators and advocates of violence who justify killings, terrorism, setting tyres ablaze and planting bombs.


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