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11-06-2012 - Gulfnews

Kuwaiti MP files second grilling motion against interior minister

Kuwaiti lawmaker Mohammad Al Juwaihal on Thursday morning filed a motion to grill Shaikh Ahmad Al Humood, the first deputy prime minister and interior minister.

The quizzing will be the second by the controversial MP for the minister in two months.

The grilling topics will focus on the expatriates staying illegally in Kuwait, the violation of the nationality law, the non-compliance with the naturalisation procedures and the alleged misleading replies by the minister in the May quizzing about the parliament membership applications.

Al Juwaihal charged that stateless people who collaborated with the Iraqi regime that invaded Kuwait in 1990 were still living in Kuwait "even though the interior ministry is well aware of their collaboration with the Iraqi occupation forces." "This situation should have been addressed immediately following the information about their presence in Kuwait. Not tackling this issue means threats to Kuwait's security and stability," he said in his motion.

The MP claimed that he had "clear evidence" about violations in granting the Kuwaiti nationality and that a high number of Kuwaitis had a second nationality, in a clear violation of the Kuwaiti law that bans dual citizenship.

Al Juwaihal who grilled Shaikh Ahmad in May, but did not move for a no-confidence vote, said that he was determined to hand in his resignation from the parliament if the minister survived the quizzing.

"I will not be affected if I am left on my own to conduct this quizzing," he said. "I will not be bothered, either, if some people scorned me about it because I had made pledges to the original people of Kuwait. If the parliament renews its confidence in the minister, I will announce my resignation from the parliament and resume my position among the people of Kuwait to defend those who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of Kuwait," he said.

The grilling session in May was marred by intense arguments between Al Juwaihal and several lawmakers over the issue of naturalisation.

The exchange of accusations and insults between lawmakers degenerated and the parliament security had to step in to ensure there are no physical fights.


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