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11-06-2012 - Gulfnews

Oman arrests bloggers

Omani authorities on Friday arrested several bloggers, activists said.

Accordong to Bassma Mubarak Al Kayoumi, an attorney, among the bloggers who have been in detention were: Nabhan Al Hinshi, Hamad Al Kharousi, Hmoud Al Rashidi, Ali Al Saedi, Ali Al Hajji, Khalfan Al Badwawi and Eshaq Al Aghbari.

They all join Esmaeel Al Miqbali who has been under arrest for one week,

No reason for the arrests was mentioned, but the lawyer said that she believes the arrests violated Article 18 and 24.

"Article 18 stresses the fact that personal freedom is protected by law which stipulates that the arrest, search, detention or imprisonment of a human being was illegal unless it was in compliance with law," she said.

"Article 24 stipulates that whoever is arrested must be told about the reason for his or her arrest. He or she has the right to call whomever needs to be alerted about the arrest to provide assistance within the confines of the law. The authorities must promptly inform the arrested person about the charges leveled against him or her," she said.

The legal representative has the right to take the case about the restriction on the personal freedom of the arrested person to the judiciary.

Bassma said that the procedures adopted by the security authorities have violated the basic laws in the country.


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