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11-06-2012 - Gulfnews

Push for stricter uniforms in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian education directorate has decided to push for "stricter" and "more decent" girls' school uniforms after it noticed tendencies among students for open collar designs and "inadequate" belts, a Saudi daily has reported.

According to Al Sharq, the general education directorate in Makkah has stressed in a note to schools that girls must remain committed to wearing decent uniforms and to avoiding designs meant for men's clothes.

Girls were given one week to "rectify" their uniforms and those who faced financial difficulties should be given assistance to overcome the challenges.

Under the acceptable dress code, uniforms should not have open front collars and zippers should be only on the back. Wearing belts is banned at all times.

All schools must post acceptable designs on the school board to help the students make the right uniform choice, the daily said.


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