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Universal Periodic Review


The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a new and unique mechanism of the United Nations which started in April 2008 and consisting of the review of the human rights practices of all States in the world, once every four years. You will find on this website all the documents available on the UPR related to the Arab Gulf countries, including: States and NGOs reports; OHCHR summaries and compilations; summaries of each review; reports of the Working Group; final outcomes with recommendations; webcasts of the UPR sessions; press statements by NGOs and analyses by UPR Info and other NGOs as well as detailed explanations on how to engage in the process.


Now that the Review's first cycle which lasted four years and featured the participation of all 193 Member States, including the six Arab Gulf countries had been concluded, its second cycle would, beginning in June 2012, be key to ensuring the mechanism's ultimate success. To that end, several changes were being introduced to the Review's working methods, noting in particular that it would shift to a four and a half year cycle that reviewed 14, rather than 16, countries for three and a half hours each during every session.


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